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Multiservice network

Virtualization on multiservice node

“Multi-service” access platforms for LAN, voice and video, low-speed & high-speed traffic;
The technology support different remote “Teleprotection” services;
MEF CE 2.0, IP, and SDH protocols with secure ring network configurations.

  • TDM, PDH/SDH, Ethernet AND hybrid IP

Multiplexers and service aggregators/terminators for critical infrastructure networks, via TDM, IP Ethernet, MPLS, MPLS-TP technology, with the possibility to integrate NFV virtual functions.

  • ETH over any Media

Aggregators and Terminators for Ethernet Services over: PDH/ SDH, fiber optic and wireless connections, with stand-alone products and solutions or with SFP-form factor.

  • Pseudowire– TDM over IP

TDMoIP Aggregators and Terminators, compliant to CESoIP, SAToIP;
LAN and Legacy traffic support over IP; support for low-speed and high-speed data services, E1, STM-1/4, E&M, FXO/FXS services, etc;
Compression of phone services for IP bandwidth optimization with stand-alone or SFP solutions.

  • Teleprotection

Protocol transport solutions for C37.94 protocol and for remote teleprotection.

VNF for multiservice applications